Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Princess WeeWee Rave

In case you didn't know IKEA rocks! going to the store is like going to a home show where not only do you not have to pay an admission price but the food is super good and cheap and you can buy what you see at a very reasonable price.

However, I do caution anyone buying IKEA furniture...the quality is not always the best. Be sure to check out the nuts and bolts of what your buying before spending the money. But as with H&M clothes it is sometimes totally worth the price to get something super trendy that only lasts a season.

But I am writing now to tell you about an IKEA product that, in my opinion, out shines all others in the market. It is the IKEA scissors! Not only do these guy come out of the package super sharp and ready to use but they stay that way!!!!

I have had my set of scissors for over 3 years and they continue to perform like they did on the first day.

I'm thrifty and cut my own hair but you can only get a good cut with quality $2.99 scissors from IKEA, bought 3 years ago, still do a better job than any other scissors I have found out there.

I realize there is nothing funny about this post however, I hope you appreciate the ever so often Rave I have to share.

May your days always be cheery!
Princess WeeWee

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