The Weinator: Defender of All that is Awesome!

I am The Weinator, Defender of All that is Awesome!

Every once in a while Princess WeeWee comes across a situation her super positive attitude and limitless creativity cannot address. Other times Dr Em stumbles upon a conundrum so inane her head might explode if she tried to convey it. In these extreme situations I fly in to the rescue! I am here to swoop in and take care of all the crises that overwhelm my wise and sometimes overheated girls. 

Hometown: Princess WeeWee's Brain
Current Residence: Somewhere in the ethereal between Dr Em and Princess WeeWee
Occupation: Contract Rescuer
Employer: Dr Em and Princess WeeWee
Hobbies and interests: Saving the innocent from the idiots roaming free around the world, bringing the common sense challenged to justice and providing batteries for the unprepaired