Monday, February 13, 2012

Med Conference

Well, my dear readers, I'm off to the snowy North for a conference all week. The only thing I hate more than dumb people is snow, hence my swift exit from a my childhood in Minnesota to my adulthood in California. I anticipate a week of freezing cold, rambling seminars filled with useless information, bad food and drunken colleagues who cause even me to giggle.

Last year, a couple doctors, whose names I am protecting not so much to save them the embarrassment, but because doctors are known for their brutal retaliation, drank too much, built rudimentary trebuchets out of hotel furniture, and began a catapult war across the hotel's atrium. many things were launched that night, but the winning item was a full colostomy bag. It did not reach it's intended target, but was, rather unfortunately, intercepted by the face of another conference attendee who inadvertently walked into the cross fire. It was not pretty. The well-respected professionals fled like schoolboys and the next day was awkward for everyone.

So hopefully this year I can bring you back some even better tales (doctors are also known for always trying to top each other), but until then enjoy Princess WeeWee's posts and make sure to check out her musings on Twitter.

Dr. Em

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