Say hello to Princess WeeWee!

I am the free wheeling sister.

Let's get one thing straight, right off the bat; by free wheeling I do not mean "anything goes". On the contrary, there are social rules and morays we must all abide by to create a fun and peaceful universe. The free wheeling I am referring to is the fact that I prescribe to a fundamental belief that thinking outside the box is the solution to almost every problem. If we all employed creativity when addressing conflicts there would be so much more time for frolicking!

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Current Residence: Minneapolis, MN
Occupation: Freelance Artist
Employer: Self
Hobbies and interests: I am a multimedia artist; I use anything and everything I find to create masterpieces that speak to the masses. When I am not creating I enjoy swinging, skipping and creating forts. 
Credits: Minnesota Arts Association Break Out Artist of the Year 2001
             I.C. Ups Independent Arts Emerging Artist of 2003
             Ineda Mann Arts Coop Artist of the Year 2003
             Mike Rotch Award 2004
             Minnesota Arts Association Noted Artist 2005
             Oliver Clothsoff Center for the Arts Alternative Project of the Year 2007
             Jacques Strap Award 2007
             Minnesota Arts Association Noted Artist 2007
             I.C. Ups Independent Arts Artist to Watch of 2009
             Ineda Mann Arts Coop Artist of the Year 2010
             Hugh Jass Award 2011