Who is Dr Em?

I am the pragmatic sister.

 I have worked hard my entire life to surround myself with logic and order; yet I keep finding myself in the middle of a gaggle of idiots. I chose to become a psychiatrist to find out why there are so many dumbasses and maybe even find a cure. No luck. So now I specialize in helping those afflicted with phobias, a very specialized subset of idiocy. Don't think I'm a horrible, mean person; I have nothing against those with true physiological mental limitations. I define idiots and dumbasses as people who could easily function at a high and productive level but don't for a variety of reasons. I actually like most of my patients because they have come to me after realizing a phobia is not something that has to run your life and with work and critical thought one can emerge from the world of idiots. 

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

Current Residence: Los Angeles, CA and St Thomas, Virgin Islands

Occupation: A.B.P.P Certified Psychiatrist, MD

Employer: Self

Hobbies and interests: Scuba diving,
Books: Quieting the Monster Inside: A Clinician's Guide to Treating Phobias
             Why am I Afraid of My Reflection? Understanding and Treating Your Fears
             Venustraphobia and Other Phobias I find Ridiculous