Wednesday, June 27, 2012

L.A. Vs Minnesota

Many of you may know that I grew up in Minnesota, where much of my family, including Princess WeeWee, still live. It is a land of four million people with silly accents, twelve parkas each and a strange hankering for anything covered in cheese. But, I now reside in Los Angeles County, a land of 9.8 million overly tanned surfers and actors who only eat organic cheese if any at all. Seriously night and day. So today, I thought I’d share a little about the differences between my two favorite places.

What you may overhear in line at the grocery storeCA Em

L.A.: “This organic kale is going to go great with our gluten-free wheatgrass!”
MN: “Is this the largest tub of mayonnaise you have?”


When it’s a good day for the beach

L.A.: Everyday
MN: That one day after the snow stops and before the humidity and mosquitoes descend


When it’s considered too cold to go out

L.A: Any hint of gray in the skies and, God-forbid, a little rain
MN: It’s -20 AND you are unable to leave your house because the snow has completely buried your front door


The skin tone of the average resident

L.A.: Neon orange
MN: Blindingly white… similar to God’s aura


A rustic weekend getaway

L.A.: A cabin in Malibu overlooking the ocean, complete with room and maid service
MN: An Ice fishing shack that doubles as an outhouse



L.A: 9
MN: 5:30


An example of showing solidarity

L.A.: When the four officers involved in the Rodney King incident were acquitted, Angelinos rallied together to loot and terrorize their own city
MN: When the 35W bridge collapsed over the Mississippi River, Minnesotans unflinchingly dove into the icy waters to rescue fellow citizens whom they had never even met


An exciting celebrity sighting

L.A.: Brad Pitt
MN: The local weatherman


Feelings toward others

L.A.: We kind of hate everyone, even ourselves but if you’re from the East Coast you’d better watch out
MN: Minnesota Nice – even strangers are treated like family

I'll send you some more comparisons a little later this week!

Dr. Em


  1. Sounds horrible. Move back now before it's too late.

    1. Did you miss the -20 degrees outside comment?! I'm never moving back!

      Dr. Em

  2. I went swimming one day...outside. I got a terrible sunburn. I hope I still have a little color after it peels.

    1. I heard about your sun burn...sounds painful!

      Princess WeeWee

  3. LOL! I moved from The Bay Area of CA to Madison Wisconsin... What a culture shock! "What is this white stuff falling on me, and why is it so COLD?!"

    1. Why anyone chooses to live in a place that cold...

      Dr. Em

  4. I have a parka. And I like cheese. Maybe I should move to minnesota!

    1. Come over! Minnesota is the best!!!

      Princess WeeWee