Friday, June 29, 2012

L.A. Vs. Minnesota Round 2

Here a few more of the differences you’ll find between L.A. and Minnesota…

A typical restaurant encounter

Hostess LAL.A.: Upon entering the restaurant
Hostess: …..
Patron: Um, table for two please.
Hostess: (large sigh) Do you have a reservation?
Patron: This is Chili’s. Do you even take reservations?
Hostess: UGH! Fine. It will be an hour wait.
Patron: Can we just go sit in the bar?
Hostess: Uhhhhhhh… Let me go ask my manager.
Hostess MNMN: Upon entering the restaurant
Hostess: Welcome, welcome! Oh my golly, we are so happy to have you here!
Patron: Table for two please
Hostess: Oh yeah, you betcha! Let me just check here… Oh no! It looks like there will be a little bit of a wait. Oh, I’m so terribly sorry! And here you are looking so super cute in your date top…
Patron: It’s fine. Can we wait in the bar?
Hostess: Oh yeah! Yeah, of course you can! You have the most super time, now, Okay!

How men spend the weekend

LA: shopping and getting manicures
MN: hunting and ice fishing

A hot night on the town includes

L.A.: A celebrity chef, celebrity DJ and $30 drinks
MN: Karaoke and meat raffle

A movie inspired by our accent

L.A.: Clueless
MN: Drop Dead Gorgeous


A teenager’s Halloween

L.A.: Dress in an outfit sure to make your mother blush and your father wail then take to Hollywood Blvd for a massive parade
MN: Wear a cute costume buried under six layers of winter clothing then head to the local Harvest Festival for hayrides and bobbing for apples

What to bring to a potluck

L.A.: Skyy vodka
MN: Pigs in a blanket or any type of casserole 

A typical first date outfit

L.A.: The girl – A skimpy dress, 3 inch heels and a pound of jewelry The guy – Designer jeans, polished loafers and a sport coat
MN: The girl – A nice pair of jeans and a new sweater The guy – A nice pair of jeans and a new sweater 

I hope you enjoyed!
Dr. Em


  1. I've never been to Minnesota, but LA I've been to. I would say this is pretty accurate!

  2. It's true the coverups reach the ground, but it's so hot women are wearing swim suits in Target! I saw a thong under a muslin dress! The mercury in Minnesota hits a hundred and ladies lose their minds, which might be okay except most of us haven't lost our winter fat.

  3. This is soooooooo true! I am from LA originally, so I can say that. Loved the part you wrote about the restaurant reservation. ha!

    When I was a flight attendant for United, I LOVED doing the flights to anywhere in the midwest because people were so POLITE! To a fault! Everything was please and thank you and hope it is no trouble for you, etc. Oh, we fought for those coveted flights because the passengers were a dream. Now, the NY- Florida flights, a whole different breed............