Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Girls Insist You Get an Update!

jugglingI keep telling Dr. Em and Princess WeeWee to S-L-O-W down; they can’t do everything but they continue to add more projects to their load! I have insisted they not feel guilty about neglecting you all and can only assuage them by giving you all an update on their current going ons.

The girls, aside from taking care of their daily OneSheet Frontlives, have been immersed in bringing to life a long time project of theirs. I’ve told you all before that these two are both decorated veterans and you have seen here their commitment to creativity and funny. But what you don’t know is 4 years ago these two created a seriously hilarious sitcom depicting their experiences while being deployed.

The girls were able to do so because Princess WeeWee was able to take a few months off and chill out with Dr. Em in L.A. Unfortunately, after those few months Princess WeeWee had to return to her life in Minnesota and their sitcom genus was put on the back burner.

Recently though, it was announced that there would be a G.I. Film Festival held in L.A. this fall and despite being over 2,000 miles apart the sisters knew they couldn’t pass up the opportunity.
So, they have been working tirelessly, with Dr. Em’s very talented husband, to create a prequel to the sitcom they created in 2008. They miss you all and the adventures they're able to share here, but I‘ve assured them both that once you see where their energy has been focused for the past few months their absence would be forgiven.

If you have a second,  swing over to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thesandbox/sandbox-the-movie-0 and check out their latest endeavor!

The girls expect to wrap up shooting and post production by mid-September. After that, trust me, they will back here in full swing! In the mean time I know every one of you totally gets the “Why aren’t there more hours in the day” mentality!

Oh yeah, I have insisted that all required push-ups be filmed and if you guys are interested I’ll make sure you get a peek of that misery.

The Weinator