Monday, April 09, 2012

We Now Have Proof of Our Awesomeness!

Our First Award! WooHoo!

Thank you! Thank you! What a wonderful honor! Bob the Water Cat, you rock! I would also like to thank all our wonderful readers for being so supportive and appreciating the Sunshine we share in each post. - Princess WeeWee

Thank you, Bob the Water Cat, this really is great! Although, I think I'll have to agree with your very astute description of the award criteria. We are definitely not spreading sunshine, as Princess WeeWee would have readers believe. No, "blowing sunshine up someone's skirt" is a much more accurate description of our blog. So, with that in mind...I would like to thank all the idiots continually invading my life for giving me so much to write about. - Dr Em

To properly receive this award, the recipient must:
  1. Include the award in your post or blog. Done
  2. Answer 10 questions about yourself. Done Done
  3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award. Done
  4. Link to the nominees and comment on their blog to let them know they are nominated. Done
  5. Link to the person who nominated you. Done Done
Our Nominations: 


1. Favorite Color: Wait! We do too spread sunshine! Even your borderline psychotic rants spread sunshine, Dr Em. We brighten days and make people smile, the definition of spreading sunshine. Since you are clearly confused about the point of this cheerful award, I will fill out the 10 questions about us...I wouldn't want readers to get the wrong impression of who we are.

Oh no, you don't! You'll put in some nonsensical crap that will lead people to believe we're either 12 or even more certifiable than my patients. I have no doubt, if left to you, all the answers would be unicorns and rainbows. I will take care of the rest of this post.

Why would I talk about unicorns? You know as well as I do, unicorns are extinct. See! This what I'm talking about. Unicorns aren't extinct, they're made-up! You have your opinion and I have mine. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. Opinion?! Opinion has nothing to do with it! The non-existence of unicorns is a fact! Calm down Dr Em, no need to get all huffy. Of course unicorns don't exist, they're extinct. I thought we already covered this. I am not getting huffy, Princess WeeWee. I am merely pointing out why I should answer the questions. 

Enough! Girls, why are you making this so difficult? Just answer the questions together. [shaking head] I can't believe you pulled me away from my mission for this. - The Weinator


10 QUESTIONS:...Again
My monochromatic bedroom
    Favorite Color: Pink! Blue! Green! Citron! Oh, I can't decide! All the colors are so wonderful! No color is better than any other color so, I choose every color in the rainbow! Rainbows! What did I tell you. Just for favorite color is white, the absence of all color.

    Favorite Number: Favorite number? what kind of stupid question is that? Lucky number, maybe but who has a favorite number? Next question. ME! \infty Infinity!!! The inclusion of everything and all possibilities.

    Favorite Animal: The Liger, a lion and tiger mix... bred for its skills in magic. I love my babies...But all other animals just annoy me and get in the way. Except you Bob, you seem pretty cool.
    Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Huh? When did they start making non-alcoholic drinks? Maybe they're like breakfast drinks, you know like mimosas or bloody marys. Or maybe it's spritzers or kid drinks like Zima and wine coolers, Let's just skip this one. Yeah, trying to figure this out is making my head hurt.

    Facebook or Twitter: Really? Both! Anywhere I get to talk!

    My Passion: I'll take this one so the girls don't get into an argument over semantics. We all share a passion to rid the world of idiots. Whether we use inclusive education, on the spot correction or straight up super power strikes, we're all fighting the good fight.

    Giving or Receiving Gifts: Giving. I enjoy giving those around me the knowledge (or 'on the spot corrections' as The Weinator put it) needed to become functioning members of society. Giving! I love giving love and hugs and education and art and rainbows and sparkles and insight and stars and a thumbs up and smiles and - I think they get it Princess WeeWee. Oh, okay...and pats on the back.
    Favorite Pattern: Argyle Solid

    Favorite Day of the Week: Any day I don't actually have to talk to anyone. Sundays! When I do my prancing.

    Favorite Flower: Any flower my sweet hubby gives me...that's not in response to proving him wrong, again. Oh, this is a hard one...If I have to choose one it would be the Passion flower. It always makes me giggle.


        1. I was holding it together quite well, then I got to the 'prancing' and it all just fell apart for me. (head in hands. gurgle.)

        2. Are you saying you don't prance?

          Princess WeeWee

        3. I'm really happy you got an award. I want to stay positive, but that Bob the Water Cat guy is weird. What kind of sunshine is he giving you?

          1. Mom...I've explained this to you. [rolling eyes] These awards are a fun way for new bloggers, like Dr Em and myself, to get out and connect with other bloggers.

            Also, I thought we discussed the whole calling people crazy and, yourself admitted that you'd think we made no sense if you hadn't already heard most of these stories over the phone. And you're one to, either be nice or keep your blog exploration limited to our site...or some of your antics may accidentally make it into a post or two.

            I love you!
            Princess WeeWee

        4. great post! just found your blog and am following now. anyone that does prancing on Sundays is a good person in my book. (well, if it is a book about prancing that is)


          1. Thanks for coming by! Not only do I prance...I'm doing a happy dance right now! Dr Em or I will get over to check you out ASAP.

            Happy days!
            Princess WeeWee

        5. Congrats and thank you for the nomination! I hope I am "mom approved!"

          I have received several awards in the last month so I am planning something special for everyone who nominated me due to the fact that it is so many, but I do appreciate it and glad we found each other!

          Thanks again!

          1. I'm glad we found each other too! You are a very funny lady...lady being the operative word when it comes to being "mom approved"...It doesn't matter how old you get, moms still worry. :) I can't wait to see what you have planned.

            Princess WeeWee

          2. Very few things on the Internet make me laugh out loud, but your cartoons are pretty much genius. Anyone who appreciates proper spelling and grammar is a winner in my book, but the ability to illustrate it... well, I applaud you.

            Dr. Em

        6. Judging by how colorful this post is, listing your favorite color as "rainbow" seems about right. You are the sunshine of my life today. Many thanks.

          1. Thank you so much! I do love rainbows and unicorns and sparkles. And the smile you brought to my face today. :)

            Princess WeeWee