Monday, February 20, 2012

Top Tens for my Birthday

So, today is my birthday, and no, I will not tell you how old I am. Show some restraint and common decency! Anyway, I realized sometimes I don't feel as old as old as I am, so I came up with a list of the top ten things I'm too old for, but still do. Then I realized I do other things that seem fairly age appropriate, so I listed those as well. What can I say, I'm a list-maker. Enjoy!

Top ten things I’m too old for, but still do…

10. Drink too much on holidays…and Saturday nights...and maybe a few other times when I have a good excuse like, it's Tuesday

9. Ride roller choice....over and over again

8. Check out guys at the mall with my girlfriends...and giggle the whole time

7. Have sex in inappropriate places.

6. Watch a marathon of reality TV all day in my pajamas.

5. Eat an entire bag of cheesy one sitting...while watching Jersey Shore

4. Try to make my husband jealous by wearing short skirts or flirting with our 20-year-old waiter

3. Design a 6th tattoo...and actually go through with getting it.

2. Watch cartoons not featured on Comedy Central

1. Go days without making the bed

Top ten things I do that are totally appropriate for my age

10. Lie about my age.

9. Pay my taxes on time without cheating.

8. Talk about the good old days and shake my head about kids today

7. Cry during insurance and Fidelity commercials...and lifetime movies...and sad songs on the radio

6. Wear my husband's sweatpants to the grocery store.

5. Have thought on multiple occasions, “Dear God! I have five tattoos! What was I thinking!?”

4. Fake a headache to avoid sex.

3. Freak out about the fact that my husband was okay with my headache excuse and didn’t push the issue of sex.

2. Shush people in the theater

1. Own a pair of pajama jeans...they are so comfy!

Dr. Em


  1. Happy Birthday, Girl! Here is your extra special present...I am not going to comment on your Jersey Shore obsession.

    The Weinator

  2. Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Check out what I got you! I know you'll love it just as much as the pajama jeans!


    1. Oh dear God. Are those even available in the U.S.?

      Dr. Em