Wednesday, February 08, 2012

My first Rant


Are you frickin' serious? you are going to sit there and tell me I'm cruel because I had the nerve to point out your fierce and fresh gossip is lame and outdated?

Here's the deal...lately I have been trying to be a team player...I want to be a part of the crew...but I have one serious handicap. I cannot tolerate idiocy!!!!

We are expected to accept regurgitated information as new and revolutionary insights. Has our instant gratification society completely ruined the knowledge retention expected of the average person?

This week a colleague (let's call him Adam) began a meeting by explaining how he had just learned about a new study in arrhenphobia (the fear of men) that included some very exciting new research. I asked him if was referring to the article in last's month's New England Journal of Medicine. He very animatedly said yes and continued to detail the study.

I couldn't help myself...I had to interrupt him and point out that we had discussed the article at length at last week's meeting. Crestfallen, he meekly said "Oh, and here I thought I was presenting something new." and then everyone turned an evil eye on me for calling him out. I was actually pulled aside after the meeting and told I was out of line for not letting Adam continue!

Now, I might be convinced that I had was somehow a bad guy for not letting Adam have the spotlight and present this "new" research....But he was at last week's meeting! He participated in the discussion about the article!

I am surrounded by dumbasses!

Dr. Em

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