Friday, February 10, 2012

Ms. G Has No Manners

Do you have any idea how long it takes to become a world-renowned psychiatrist? 

Seriously, I didn’t do this over night. Would it kill my secretary – a spoiled, over-paid grad student – to recognize this fact? 

I know, we don’t call them secretaries any more and we can’t ask them to get our coffee or dry cleaning anymore… damn women’s lib… but can’t we still expect a little common decency? 

Every morning I walk into my office and the first person I see is the ungrateful union-entitled brat I call Ms. G. “Good morning,” I offer, as an offering of peace… no wait, basic manners. And every day she responds with, “hmpff.” 

My hippie-crazed parents taught me very little, but they did teach the value of respect. No matter what your lot in life, learn to say “Good morning,” and I guarantee you go a lot further than the guy who didn’t.

Dr. Em

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