Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eulogy for a Beloved Shirt

What words could ever convey the comfort and warmth you gave me over these many years.

You were faithfully there ready to cover and clothe me for over a decade. You kept loyal longer than any man, girlfriend or job. We were compadres in arms, traveling together through Europe, Russia, South America and the Caribbean. Never were you not there when I needed you.

You began your life with me as a cute and trendy top to wear with jeans. You gave me confidence and a bit of spark when I wore you out on the town. As the years passed, you transitioned to a favorite undershirt, letting your henley buttons or weird tree design peek out every now and again. You accepted this new position with dignity and grace, never letting your colors fade.

The years continued to march forward; your stitching loosened and buttons were lost. But the soft and smooth feeling against my skin was never lost so, you became the go to pajama shirt. Your sleeves providing me an extra bit of warmth on chilly nights and your breathable cotton keeping me cool on summer evenings.

You and I enjoyed a long and fulfilling life together, the holes you bear are testament to that. But now it is time to say goodbye. Dear and loyal shirt, your contributions to my wardrobe will not be forgotten. There is an empty space in my closet that will never be filled quite right. As you drift away, be comforted by the knowledge that you will not be forgotten. Your memory will live on in the remnants I use to varnish the dresser.

Princess WeeWee
Brown Henley 02-20-2012


  1. Good God woman, it's a shirt! Get ahold of yourself! I'm surprised you didn't throw the damn thing a funeral...... I mean, I'm so sorry for your loss. Can i send you a muffin basket?

    Dr. Em

  2. You have no feelings...no sentiment...just so you know I rescued your childhood art from the trash when we were cleaning out mom and dad's garage. One day you will embrace the connectedness of the universe; past, present, future, other worlds and dimensions. When this happens I know you'll be over joyed that I keep these gifts from the child within.

    And yes, a muffin basket would be nice.

    Princess WeeWee