Friday, February 17, 2012

Be Your Own Cheerleader

I was speaking with a woman after my neighborhood association meeting last night. I wouldn't say I was friends with her...we've had no interactions outside of these meetings and events. But I like her and always chat with her at these meetings. I really didn't think about our interactions much beyond that; I mingle with most of the members.

As we were walking to our cars she stops and says "I like that I can talk to you; you get it. I don't have to explain my tattoos or background to you. We can just talk." I smiled and replied "yeah, I'm non-judgey like that."

During my drive home I was grinning ear to ear; I really was an accepting, nonjudgmental person. I always hope to be but you never know if you're giving off unconscious prejudice vibes*. I admit it; I was feeling quite proud of myself in that moment. It's great to hear you look nice or you're work is great but hearing you've made someone else feel good is....well, it's hard to lifts me up.

As I write this, The Weinator is poking me quite hard because I'm patting myself on the back for being a non-idiot. I should be writing about the sad state of our society; that in a group of 18 people, of varied demographics, I'm the only one this women felt wasn't judging her. But as my mom always said "be your own cheerleader and the won't get you down." So, I'll leave the sad state of our society to Dr. Em and The Weinator.

*I am very aware of the judgement I openly show for idiots; please refer to Dr. Em's definition of an idiot before you judge me for this

Princess WeeWee

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